What is the WorldSkills – Drone Category
Drone operating is a rapidly developing segment of the global market. Currently, drones have become an integral part of modern high-tech industries.

The skill implies controlling, operating, and performing maintenance, and minor repairs of a drone system, as well as of the drone (or unmanned aerial vehicle) flight control equipment. Drones find application in a variety of areas: monitoring, agriculture, construction survey, aerial mapping, cargo delivery, and aerial photography. As the range of tasks set to drones increases, training of skilled professionals in the field is topical.

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Age Ranges and Competition Categories
The competition is for high school and university level students.

Skill-Competition Modules

Collection, transmission and processing of data for the assigned mission
• Flight plan preparation
• Preflight maintenance
• Collection of cartographic, geodesic, thermal and other data from the air
• Aerial photo / video / thermal imagery

Flying on track
• Drone design modification
• video camera and video transmitter set up. transponder installation
• Test flight
• Accuracy and speed when passing the route in the FPV goggles
• Uninstalling the video camera and video transmitter, copter reassembly to a standard state

• Modelling individual quadcopter parts and nods, fasteners and payloads
• Preparing files for manufacturing

• Detection and elimination of defects
• Fault statement records
• Preflight check
• take-off test
• flight controller set up and calibration
• flight stability check

• Flight mission and route planning
• Starting up the flight simulation
• Uploading of the file with light checkpoints (WP file), precision and coverage screenshots to the desktop

• Introduction of changes to the copter design
  - installation and calibration of sensors
  - video camera for computer vision
  - single-board computer
• Program the UAV for autonomous flight within a confined space indoors

Performing missions in autonomous mode
• cargo detection and delivery
• precise flight over checkpoints
• obstacle evasion
• landing on a narrow area on a marker
• dismantling of the sensors, video camera and the single-board computer
• copter reassembly to a standard state

• Starting/finishing stage of work on the digital equipment
• Introduction of changes to the copter design
• Quadcopter assembly and installation of the manufactured parts/nodes
• Calibration of remote control equipment
• Test flights

• Introduction of changes to the copter design as per fastening and grapple modification
• Grapple installation
• Grapple calibration
• Calibration of remote control equipment
• Test flight
• Cargo pick-up and transfer