VEX Robotics is the full solution for students of all ages interested in learning about robotics. Early learners build strong foundations and then compete in robotics competitions with other teams. Competitions are open for Elementary through University students.

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ROV Classroom Kit

Our ROV Classroom Kit is designed for students competing in underwater robotics competitions. This full kit covers all of the engineering and design skills teams need to prepare for international ROV competitions.

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Blue Robotics

Blue Robotics is the leading provider for ROV parts for engineers at all skill levels. Whether you're a hobbyist, a MATE ROV team, or a professional ROV pilot, Blue Robotics can support your designs with innovative parts and additions.

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Horizon Educational

STEM through renewable energy technology: Horizon develops solutions that teach students physics, chemistry and engineering concepts by exploring fuel cells and renewable energy.

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Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot toy for kids aged 3-7, chosen by 20,000 parents & teachers to guide children through coding and programming skills without screens.

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Combining wireless, Bluetooth-enabled hardware and software through hands-on learning, explSore app-enabled construction kits to learn STEM, play, and create with technology and the Internet of Things.

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Sphero BOLT and RVR teach students and aspiring hackers how to code – starting with block-based coding and working up to text-based challenges. Now with curriculum and activity guides for teachers, Sphero is the solution for all experience levels.

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FTW Robotics Drones

Introduce middle school learners to the physics of flight and the applications of drone technology through the FTW Robotics drone competition.

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COEX Drones

COEX drones (also used in Worldskills Competition) offer hardware and training for high-school and university students looking to dive deep into Python coding and the engineering behind drone technology.

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