Drone operating contests are the newest and fastest growing competitions in education with local competitions for all age levels starting up all over the world. For those interested in drones and aerial robotics education and competitions, CerebroX is proud to act as the exclusive distributor in the MENA region of COEX for high school through university.

With over six years of drone development experience, COEX is a market leader in aerial education. Their drones have been used in a broad range of international drone competitions (including WorldSkills International), and anyone using their drones is welcome into a community that encourages innovation and experimentation.

Hardware, Training and Competition Support
CerebroX offers training for students of all experience levels, and training can be offered remotely or in-person depending on their needs. Whether your class is preparing for a competition, a research project, or wants to learn fundamentals or more advanced skills, we can build a custom package to support you.

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