This kit has been specially developed to perform Drone Operating skill-competition test projects, used in WorldSkills and other competition programs.

The set provides an extended version of Clover, which includes everything you need to participate in drone competitions, hackathons and contests. This kit is accredited for preparation and participation in Drone Operating skill-competitions in WorldSkills championships. Challenges you can take on with this kit include:

1. Beyond visual line of sight piloting and Aerial Photography.
2. Drone node modelling
3. Drone node prototyping
4. Autonomous flight coding
5. Visual line of sight piloting and Cargo Delivery

In addition to all the components that are included in the standard Clover kit, there is a soldering station, an FPV helmet, Grapple (set of 3D-printed parts) for a payload up to 0.4 kg, Arduino board and more.


- Indoor navigation running on Raspberry Pi 4
- Soldering station
- FPV helmet
- Grapple for a payload up to 0.4 kg
- Arduino board
- Carbon Frame for quick assembly, repair, and long-lasting use
- Powerful Motors: 2306 brushless motors keep the flight stable and increase payload capacity
- Programable LED – highlight your drone or swarm with a programmable 144 LED/m strip
- Manuals – detailed instructions for assembly, configuration and programming
- Github – firmware, updates, and ready-made modules in the public domain immediately available
- Gitbook – Open educational platform for studying and developing autonomous UAVs
- ROS platform – the Clover platform includes a Raspberry Pi image with a pre-set envorinoment for the development of autonomous flights in Gazebo
- Recognition of ArUco markers – use computer vision to direct the flight of your drone

Hardware, Training and Competition Support

CerebroX is proud to partner with COEX to offer hardware and training support for learners of all ages. Whether you need assembly support, coding courses or a full solution as your team prepares for a course or event, we are happy to develop a bespoke solution that suits your needs.

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