At CerebroX, we believe that a strong foundation must be set early on in the academic careers of the next generation if they are to be successful in their future careers. Our children will compete for jobs we cannot yet imagine, and we must prepare them by instilling a strong understanding of science and technology, along with enduring curiosity and grit.

Equipping students with these skills is challenging, as even the best intentions must overcome untrained educators, undefined learning outcomes, and the learning-curve when using new technologies. For that reason, our K-12 Labs are all-inclusive, extending past hardware to include training, skill-mapping, and guided learning paths. We understand that organizations need to develop their staff so that they can deliver the educational value that they aspire to, and we are here to support you.

Each lab is designed to create an engaging, innovative environment. First teachers go through an intensive technical and pedagogical training, then they are required to pass an online test that is designed by Robomatter, the leader in robotics education.

Specialised curricula designed by CS, D&T, CDI teachers, and cognitive scientists are available with each bespoke proposal, along with certificates from education and industry giants, ultimately taking this lab to the next level: providing students and teachers with international accreditations.

While the trend is to use catchy phrases like innovation, creativity, and STREAM, we have elected to be more specific and accountable when it comes to learning outcomes. This is why you will find in every Lab Proposal a detailed description of every training program, the learning outcomes, and how students will build on their knowledge towards our shared goal: “Equipping students with the right tools to make them the innovators of tomorrow”.

Please contact us directly to arrange a meeting to discuss building a CerebroX Innovation Lab at your institution.

CerebroX Innovation Hubs Outcomes

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