COEX Clover Drone

Learn the complete inner workings of a drone, from physics to programming and telemetry, with this quadcopter kit. The set includes a PX4 flight controller and a Raspberry Pi 4 controlling onboard computer, which can be used to connect to the drone over Wi-Fi.
It's also Python based, meaning you can learn to use the drone while building industry-demanded coding skills. There are also ready-made codes available to help get you started.

The platform utilizes the ROS framework, which allows the user program to communicate with the Clover services

Positioning systems:
● Optical flow
● ArUlco markers

- Indoor navigation running on Raspberry Pi 4
- Carbon Frame for quick assembly, repair, and long-lasting use
- Powerful Motors: 2306 brushless motors keep the flight stable and increase payload capacity
- Programable LED – highlight your drone or swarm with a programmable 144 LED/m strip
- Manuals – detailed instructions for assembly, configuration and programming
- Github – firmware, updates, and ready-made modules in the public domain immediately available
- Gitbook – Open educational platform for studying and developing autonomous UAVs
- ROS platform – the Clover platform includes a Raspberry Pi image with a pre-set envorinoment for the development of autonomous flights in Gazebo
- Recognition of ArUco markers – use computer vision to direct the flight of your drone

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