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Drone operating contests are the newest and fastest growing competitions in education with local competitions for all age levels starting up all over the world. For those interested in drones, aerial robotics, and competitions, CerebroX is proud to act as the exclusive distributor in the MENA region of FTW Robotics for middle school.


FTW Robotics – Drone Competition Program

Drones for All Ages
FTW (For The Win) Robotics is partnered with the REC Foundation to teach middle school students about drone technology, safety procedures, and block-based coding. After assembling their drones and learning the foundations of drone design, students use Tynker to program their hand-held drones.

Teams work together to become skilled coders and pilots and compete for top spots at the International Final held at VEX Worlds. You can learn more about the competition by visiting our FTW Competition subpage here.

Hardware, Training, and Competition Support

In order to compete, teams will need to purchase FTW competition packages and register for local competitions. We can supply the whole solution – drones, controllers, training and competition practice fields.

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