Project-based learning is key to developing real-world skills. CerebroX supports this by providing solutions for students interested in building their own ROVs and learning though doing. We are proud to be the UAE Regional Partner for the MATE ROV competition and offer training and a Starter ROV Kit for competing teams in all categories.

Underwater Robotics
ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) are an engineering marvel that are used broadly in scientific exploration and industry. Students can learn engineering (mechanical and electrical), coding, project management and entrepreneurship by building an ROV and participating in the MATE ROV competition, which is open for students from late elementary through university.

MATE ROV Competition
The MATE ROV Program is an international robotics challenge, teaching students about ocean engineering and entrepreneurship. You can learn more about the competition and how to participate in the UAE by clicking here.

Hardware, Training, and Competition Support
We are proud our own ROV starter kit that we have developed with established Solutions in the ROV education sector. CerebroX also distributes Blue Robotics hardware – the leader in ROV parts and components.

CerebroX also offers hands-on and virtual training for students and teams wishing to develop their skills and prepare for the competition.

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