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The Horizon Hydrogen Diy Race introduces elementary and middle school students to basic science and engineering principles together with sustainability and renewable energy awareness. This program allows students to design & build their own fuel cell-powered vehicles using recycled materials.

What is the Horizon Hydrogen DIY Race (H2DIY)
In the H2DIY program, middle school students are tasked with designing and fabricating a hydrogen-powered vehicle. First they sketch out their ideas on paper in order to help them come up with a plan of how they want to design their vehicle. Next, they source materials that are strong enough to hold the components of the fuel cell system, but light enough to allow the car to travel as far as possible.

Finally, they build their prototype and test it in a race against others to see which design is the most fuel-efficient and capable of covering the most ground. May the best car win!

For more information about joining the H2DIY Competition please contact us directly.

Chemistry Concepts
Electrolysis, Hydrogen Generation, Reaction Rates, Reaction Yield, Redox Reactions

Physics Concepts
Classical Mechanics, Efficiency, Electric Circuits, Ohm's Law, Power (Electric)

Earth Science Concepts
Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Human Impact