Horizon DIY Kits and Accessories

Horizon’s DIY kit is geared towards middle-school students who want to get hands-on with designing a fuel-cell solution. First, they design a structure for their hydrogen-powered vehicle, then they build a prototype and test their design. Kits are available for single-students and Classroom packs (12 students).

Topics Covered:

Chemistry: electrolysis, energy, hydrogen generation, reaction rates, reaction yield, reactions, redox reactions

Physics: classical mechanics, efficiency, electric circuits, energy, Ohm’s Law, electric power

Earth Science: Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Human Impact


✔ Reversible fuel cell (Transparent or blue)
✔ Set of silicone tubing
✔ 2 (5ml) Syringes
✔ 2 (20mL) Syringes for storage of Hydrogen and Oxygen
✔ LEDs with bare PCB board
✔ Set of crocodile/banana wire
✔ Set of red and black pins
✔ Battery pack
✔ Motor (required input 0.6V)
✔ Gearbox
✔ 2 Pressure relief valves
✔ 2 Plastic clamps
✔ Bag to protect fuel cell

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