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It’s time to level up your skills with the VEX AI Competition presented by the REC Foundation. The VEX AI Competition for high school and university-level students pushes the boundaries of robotics competitions. Separate from VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U competitions, the VEX AI Competition.

Pilot Program will open for registration for university-level students in Fall 2020. Stay tuned for more registration updates and reminders for university-level.

What is the VEX AI Competition
VEX AI, VEX GPS, and VEX LINK, and the resulting Sensor Fusion create an opportunity for students to take their autonomous robots to the next level. The VEX AI Competition pushes the boundaries of robotics competitions. The game is separate from the VRC and VEX U competitions.

Here's how it works :
Each team brings two robots that they design and build to work as a team. Teams can 3D print and machine parts. Teams can use custom electronics, and there are no motor quantity limits. This game will be open to High School students and College students alike. Game registration will include the hardware needed for that year’s competition to run VEX AI, VEX GPS, VEX LINK, and Sensor Fusion Map.

How to register
The VEX AI Competition Pilot Program will open for registration for university level students in Fall 2020.

For more information about joining the VEX AI Competition please contact us directly.