How CerebroX Provided Pivotal Support in the VEX V5 UAE National Championship 2023CerebroX Takes SABIS Schools to the Skies

Are you ready for a drone-tastic adventure? Look no further than CerebroX's recent drone training session with teachers from various SABIS schools in the UAE. The session aimed to ignite a passion for drone technology among students and inspire them to pursue careers in computer science and engineering.

Revolutionizing Industries with Drone Technology

In an action-packed day, CerebroX's team of experienced drone professionals led the teachers through a series of interactive sessions. The teachers were given hands-on training on how to assemble, configure, fly and operate their very own personal drones.

CerebroX's trainers also gave the teachers an exciting overview of the various industries that are currently using drones. From construction to agriculture to media, these industries have revolutionized the way work is done thanks to drone technology. And guess what? These fields are where the brightest students of the drone club will flourish and succeed!

Safety First

Safety first, thrill-seekers. The teachers were also briefed on the legal requirements for flying drones and the importance of adhering to safety guidelines. CerebroX's expert trainers demonstrated the different safety features of the drones and showed how to troubleshoot common issues.

A Fleet of Drone Pilots in the Making, 10+ Drone Clubs Opened

The training session concluded with an interactive Q&A session where the teachers were able to ask questions and clarify any doubts they had. CerebroX's team was thrilled to answer all the questions and provide valuable insights to the teachers. The drone training session was a huge success, and the teachers left with a wealth of knowledge and a newfound appreciation for drone technology.

The excitement didn't end there! With this information, the teachers went on to open a drone club in 10+ different SABIS schools across the UAE. That's right, a whole fleet of drone pilots in the making.

CerebroX was proud to have been a part of this epic initiative, and we can't wait to continue working with SABIS schools in the future to inspire the next generation of STEM learners. The sky's the limit!

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