How a Group of Young Students Took their First Dive Into the World of ROVs

We at CerebroX recently set up a super unique Underwater ROV display to get students hyped up about STEM. We wanted to introduce them to the amazing world of underwater robotics and how it can help them in their future careers. It was an awesome event and we can't wait to tell you all about it!

Mind-controlled Robotic Fish

First things first, we had to introduce the students to the ROVs. We explained that ROVs are remotely operated underwater robots that are used for exploration, research, and even rescue missions. We talked about how they're controlled from the surface and how they use cameras and sensors to gather information about the underwater world. The students were amazed by all the cool things ROVs can do, and many came up with their own suggestions for how they would use the ROVs to match their interests. Each student had their own reasons for wanting to get their hands on an ROV, and it was impressive to see the many different unique engineering solutions.

Aye, Aye Captain!

After the introduction, it was time to get the students involved. We let them take turns operating the ROV and maneuvering it through a small obstacle course we had set up. They had a blast trying to navigate the ROV through the hoops and around the obstacles.

ROV University

ROVs and other forms of robotics can benefit student STEM careers in the future. By getting involved in robotics and other forms of technology, they can open up a world of possibilities for themselves. They could go on to work in fields like engineering, computer science, and even space exploration!

As the session went on, we could see their eyes shine and glimmer with excitement over their first experience of Underwater ROVs. In conclusion, our Underwater ROV display was a huge success! The students had a great time learning about ROVs and getting hands-on experience with them. We hope that we were able to inspire them to pursue their interest in robotics and technology, and we are excited to welcome the next batch of engineers into our program!

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