How the Watani Summer Camp 2022 Created Future STEM Leaders

It was our pleasure to host a robotics summer workshop at the Watani Summer Camp 2022 in collaboration with SEEDS Arab. It was a total blast! We trained two groups of students - the older students got training on the VEX V5, while the younger students got to learn on the VEX IQ. Throughout the camp, we taught the students the fundamentals of robotics and how to build simple robots. We also introduced them to the basics of coding. It was great to see the students experiment with their robots and code, and they had a ton of fun doing it!

The Future is Covered in Chrome

Learning about robotics is an important skill, and it's great that these students got to experience it at a young age. By building simple robots, the students learned about engineering and problem-solving skills. These skills will definitely come in handy in their future careers. Furthermore, learning how to code is an absolute must in our current technologically advanced world. We hope that through our guidance onto the STEM path, these students will become the next great software developers!

A Test of Steel

At the end of the 3-week summer workshop, we held the final competition at the Dubai Chambers where the students got to show off their skills and it was amazing to see how much they had improved over the course of the workshop. These students went from never touching a robot, nor knowing what code was, to engineering stunning solutions for an unforgiving and difficult obstacle course.

Inspiring the Future STEM Leaders

Overall, the Watani Summer Camp 2022 was a total success. We had a lot of fun and the students learned some valuable skills. Our proudest moments as educators is the opportunity to watch a young student’s face brimming with excitement and hope as they work on their robot. It is these students who will take technology to its next level and we are happy to act as the platform which facilitates this. We hope to hold more events like this in the future, and continue to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders!

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