CerebroX Supports the Thrilling VEX IQ UAE National Championship 2023!

We at CerebroX are beyond thrilled to have been a part of the VEX IQ UAE National Championship 2023! As passionate experts in robotics and event management, our team played a crucial role in making this grand event a huge success.

VEX IQ Slapshot: A Showcase of Robotics Skill

The competition, called Slapshot, was an adrenaline-filled showcase of robotics skills from teams across the UAE. The objective was to tip over storage units of disks, after which the robot would fire these disks into different zones. Each team had a unique robot with a distinct shooting mechanism that showcased the students' engineering prowess and potential.

The field of robotics offers countless opportunities for young minds to showcase their amazing talents, and the VEX IQ UAE National Championship 2023 was an outstanding platform for teams to come together, learn from each other, and demonstrate their skills in front of an enthusiastic audience.

A Chance to Represent UAE on the Global Stage!

The top teams from the championship will have the opportunity to represent the UAE at the VEX Robotics World Championship in the USA. Competing against the top teams from around the world, these students will have the chance to demonstrate their talents and gain exposure to the latest developments in robotics while representing the UAE on the global stage!

The competition truly showcased the power of these young, creative minds to innovate and create incredible robots. CerebroX is immensely proud to have played a vital supporting role in making this remarkable event a reality, and we wish the teams great success at the world championship.

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